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4 Days, 8 Encounters, And Clint Eastwood Is Finally Caught!

Travis Frank


Just as the title of this entry states, We  raised this fish 4 straight days, and it made 8 different attempts at our baits before we finally landed the musky nicknamed Clint Eastwood.  This is a hilarious story for me to tell, because this week I had Jack and his Boy Tom in the boat with me, and the most elusive fish during that stretch, was this fella I hold here.  We went to this spot two times each day on the water, and each time we were able to get it to charge our baits.  I knew it was only a matter of time before we would land this guy, but never sure when.  As luck would have it, Jack and Tom had a couple of looks from this guy yesterday, but knowing that his long time friend Don and his boy Steve were coming today, the story was all too predictable.  Although we had a few interesting attacks yesterday, We only did battle with one fish, and it was short and sweet before Jack had a few things to say to the fish swimming away.  As the day ended we returned one more time to see the fish Jack nicknamed Clint Eastwood.  Sure enough it followed right behind the bait one last time.  I honestly looked at Jack and said, " You know that Don or Steve is going to land that darn fish first thing tomorrow."  "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah," he said, "I'll believe it when I see the pictures on your website." 

ClintEastwood%20003.jpgFirst thing this morning we head over to the spot with both Don and Steve aware of the previous days events.  First cast nearly gave Steve a bath in the dark as the fish swirled boatside.  A few casts later and he lands his second muskie with me and both of the boys shouted out a few words to their fellow friend as if he could hear them from his home.  I think they woke up a few residents to the lake, but who cares, It was awesome!  That couldn't have been more predictable or hilarious, but there is not one single doubt in my mind that Steve landed Clint Eastwood!  Sorry Jack, I think Don is planning on rubbing that one in for quite some time.  It was a nice fish at roughly 46 inches and the only one we landed for the day.  We saw several others before it was all said and done, but the day was made within the first 10 minutes even if we would have had to leave the lake.  Great time guys!  Well done Steve!  Sorry Jack:(   Can't wait for this sagga to continue.  Until Next Time, Keep on Livin The Dream!