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Does The Early Bird Get The Worm???

Travis Frank


Today we John, Brad and myself hit the water at 5:00.  Our question of the morning.  Does the early bird get the worm today???  Well, judging from this picture, yes and no.  We did land a nce fish this morning, but it wasn't at the crack of dawn when it came in the boat.  We did however have our chances right out of the gate this morning, and unfortunately the muskies did what muskies do, and were able to shake a few of our hooks in the glow of the approaching sunrise.  Our fish today was boated at around 9ish in the morning, which we were happy about due to the close calls we had and the intense heat and sunshine that we were faced with.  As last week went and this week is starting out with, the conditions with the heat and cloudless sky's have made things tougher on us muskie men, but hasn't stopped the picture taking.  Typically with any high pressure system, midday can be a tough time on the water to entice anything to bite, especially when dealing with the most moody creatures in the waters.  I would like to give a thanks to Brad and John for yet another memorable day on the water and another memorable Trophy Encounters update.

travski%20001.jpgThe second highlight after the muskies we saw and battled, was this baby loon.  The darn thing acted more like a muskie than a bird, and made every effort in the world at grabbing our lures.  It was quite funny, because it gave us at least a dozen follows to the boat, and if it hadn't have been for some quick wrists in pulling the baits out of the water, things may have ended differently.  It would have been the easiest catch of the season if we wanted it to be, but that just didn't seem like a good picture to be taking, plus none of us knew the proper handling techniques of a loon:)  The dumb bird followed us for about 15 minutes before it finally latched on to this sunfish next to our boat.  It was quite the ordeal! 

Until next time, keep on livin the dream fellas!  Catch a big one, and let it go!