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Travis Frank and Trophy Encounters Guide Service specializes in fully-guided fishing trips for Muskie, Walleye, Bass, Northern Pike and Panfish on Lake Minnetonka, Lake Waconia, Lake Mille Lacs and other Metro Minnesota Waters.‚Äč

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Boatside Thrill Ride...

Travis Frank


This morning I was joined by Jim and his son Allen.  They have been in my boat each of the past two seasons and this time making it number 3.  To this point we have landed one each time on the water, and looking for more.  We had some very active fish this morning, and many great chances.  The majority of our fish came from only a couple of different spots, but once we found the mother load, it was intense.  In total we saw 12 muskies this morning, and they all gave us a chance to do battle.  A few of the battles were lost, but 2 were won.  Today we landed a beautiful 47 incher and a 39-40 incher.  The best part about the entire show.....they were both hooked at boatside.  The smaller one came up fierce with no room to go but to chase the bait around at our feet.  It was awesome watching it chase the lure on the figure 8, and once it dialed in on the bait, the lure just dissapeared.  The battle was intense but short lived.  moreskiii%20004.jpgUsually the close to the boat hits just go crazy and jump so many times that they wear themselves out.  The second muskie that was landed came flying out of nowhere and devoured the bait with only about a foot of room left, apparently it was hiding close by the boat in the weeds when it saw the bait scream past its head.  As Jim put it, "I knew they had huge mouths, but when that thing came flying at the boat I couldn't believe it."  It was awesome having such active fish this morning, and the most action from the 3 outings we have shared.  Everyone had chances to land fish this morning and the intensity was there from start to finish.  Thanks for the fun boys, can't wait for next time!

bobdoug%20001.jpgYesterday Bob and Doug joined me for a very thick and densely foggy morning.  The fish that had been presenting themselves the previous days had been quite reluctant to fully take the bait.  We had a few short hits and one very large one that was hooked and did the ol' tail walk across the surface only to spit out the chunk of metal it had eaten.  Sometimes I think they just do that to show off knowing that they can spit the bait at will.  It was still very neat to see, and although we broke a good streak of days in a row of boating muskies, we still had action and caught a few bonus fish to boot.  Bob landed a dandy bass that we spent several minutes trying to get out of the milfoil (we all thought it was a ski), and a couple of nice pike.  Apparently it was his day for the multi-species events.  Thanks for the laughs boys, I enjoyed every minute of it.  Until I write again, good luck!