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It's Been A While...Still Livin The Dream!

Travis Frank


Before I get to the stories, I have to apologize for the longest story drought in Trophy Encounters history.  While I haven't been sharing stories lately, there definitely hasn't been a lack of them.  Stay tuned for the latest and greatest in my quest to live the dream.  I have much to share of my recent events, and I will capture some images to go with the stories as I usually do. 

I'll start by filling you in with a first time Trophy Encounter that I had yesterday. 

Jacob is a young boy that I have taken on the role of being a mentor for.  While we have shared quite a few great outdoor memories since we have been hanging out, yesterdays ranks very high on the cool meter.  jacobsdeer%20007.jpgI took him out to some land that I hunt close to, and we got permission to do a little meandering through the property to see what we could find.  Our main goal was to see the wildlife that runs crazy on the land, which we did (about 50 deer).  Secondly, we wanted to find some deer sheds as well.  Being Jacobs first time walking in the woods, he found all kinds of cool things, and yep, we also found that deer shed from last fall.  Though it wasn't a giant buck, it was his first deer antler which was super cool.  I know this wasn't a fish tale, or a whopper in the boat, but we enjoyed every minute of the walk through the woods.  Just a thought on another way to get kids into the outdoors if you are waiting for the ice to melt.  Stay tuned with this kid, because I have a every intention of getting some whopper fish on his line.  I'm pumped to see that first muskie in his hands!

jacobsdeer%20001.jpgI have also done some scrolling through a few of the pictures on my camera since I last updated, and found a goofy one of Nels that I wanted to share.  The day we took this picture it was like 35 degrees outside and Dusty had the boat full-throttle.  The bite must have been tough, otherwise I'm thinking that I would have had some Walleye pics from that day.  jacobsdeer%20006.jpgOn a different trip, Wags landed a huge surprise in the giant smallie.  This has been a pleasant surprise for us all spring on the river, and just adds one more reason to trailer the boat to the river once the weather starts cooperating again.

As for the current report...Well, I recently picked up a new sweetheart, and this girl is definitely a keeper.  Nope, it isn't a warm-bodied human, this girl is what I will be driving across the lakes this season.  Yep, thats right, the new boat has arrived!  I also have a few other events to share in my quest to live the dream, so I will update that very soon.  Until next time y'all, you know what to do...Live it!