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Short, But Oh So Sweeeeet...

Travis Frank

re11.jpgAs always, I simply do not know where to start here.  I guess we get to chalk up another unbelievable day on the water.  As I flip through the pictures of our short outing this evening, I am pretty much in awe yet again at what I am looking at.  I felt like I was hardly even fishing, because I was jumping all over the boat trying to capture the perfect shots.  I feel like some of them are definitely worthy of sharing, so here we go...

After being picked up from the launch (yep, still don't have my new boat yet) I was the first to get my line in the water.  I think it was because I was so darn giddy from looking at yesterdays pics.  Well, needless to say, I was reeling in the biggest of the day before anybody else got a line in the water.  I don't get to fish with my dad as much as I would always like to, so having him with us tonight made that first fish all the more bittersweet.  He looked at me shaking his head, and all he had to do was smile and I knew how excited he was.  I mean literally guys, I had my bait on the bottom for not even 5 seconds LITERALLY and this fatty of all fatties latched on.  After the battle and a total of 1 minute of fishing I was pretty much RE%20007.jpgspent and said, "well, that's all I need, lets head home."  I wasn't trying to rub anything in to the boys, but just happy as a 5th grader on the last day of school before summer break.  It was awesome to hold such a beast, and how it all went down just made my day. 

After many laughs and smart comments from the "peanut gallery" we were back at it.  This is where I found myself doing less fishing and more commentary with the camera.  The weather was great, the fish were biting, and we all had some true lunkers to battle.  I took several different pictures while on our short couple hour excursion, but I wanted to capture everything from the battles to the picture perfect sun setting images.  I really think the guys got sick of my running around taking pictures, but I didn't care, and years from now, they will be happy I took them.  For whatever reason, tonight just hit me as one of those great times to be on the water.  Not that I don't enjoy them all, but there was just something about it that I'll always hold on to.  I think that's what it should always be about, and I have to give thanks to Dad, Dusty and Matt for making it happen.  Before the night was through I think we all boated a fish over the 5 pound mark which is definitely another remarkable time.  I know we didn't top 10 pounds with any of them, but boy were we flirting with it. 









Above, I was able to capture the battle, the moon in the background, and the result of the battle.  Below I was going for that epic sunset shot, and seconds later Dusty hauled in a beauty.  I'm kinda thinking of it as the sweet before and after.  I could go on for days with these pics, but I think we get the point.  I'm pretty sure that's what I consider Livin' The Dream! Thanks for reading!