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The Quest...Will There be a Part 6?

Travis Frank

Boy oh Boy! Brrr is a popular phrase around the office water cooler this morning. As I drove in, I couldn't help but take a path leading me around several local lakes. Sure enough! The ice that was obviously inevitable was floating over much of the waters. Even some of the big bays started to show that skim layer. So is it over?

That's a question I have been pondering all morning. Not that I can't handle the cold, but will I realistically be able to get my boat into the water? I've been asked by several people this morning if I am through. My only response. I hope not. Key word there is "hope." I am not ready to call it a year just yet. It seems that I am holding onto any possibility to continue my quest, and hope is all I can muster at this point.

I can tell you this much. I am going to do everything in my power to get my boat to float once again. The weather looks favorable even with the crappy reports. I called a local resident to the Mille Lacs area this morning, and he chuckled at my thoughts. Good luck was all he had to say. I was also sent an image looking across the big pond. Notice the date on the top left, and notice the ice on well, the entire screen. I guess I will look at it this way. I have never called it quits without seeing something with my own two eyes. Not that I don't trust people, but probably because I am a little more insane than most, and I will come up with an idea that just might work. At least I hope!

Did another year just pass and leave me without the record? Did I just get outsmarted by a fish?  Was Mike the only one that will put hooks into Edna, Marge or Diane? Stay tuned...I'm hoping the answer is NO!  And, if you were wondering. Yes, I have lost my mind!