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Travis Frank and Trophy Encounters Guide Service specializes in fully-guided fishing trips for Muskie, Walleye, Bass, Northern Pike and Panfish on Lake Minnetonka, Lake Waconia, Lake Mille Lacs and other Metro Minnesota Waters.‚Äč

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The Quest, Part 5...Snow...Wind...Yeah Baby!

Travis Frank

Yesterday was another day. Another day to bag the beast that is! Loge and myself hopped into the truck at about 6 AM. Not at all in a hurry to head north with the temperatures hovering in the low to mid twenties. As we approached our destination of lake Mille Lacs, the snow increased with each mile. "Sweetness! We are fishin in the snow today!" was all we said. The locals gave us the look that we must be nuts. Oh well, we were pumped.

Fresh off an insane trip a few days previous, my adrenaline was just pumping at the access. It was snowing like crazy, and I was honestly sweating. The only problem as we stood up to cast, was that nothing esle was as warm as I seemed to be. Our reels were frozen tight. As the snow started to pile into the boat, it was obvious that we had to blow the ice off the spool and the reel every 2 to 3 casts. If we stopped casting or retreiving for longer than 10 to 15 seconds, the reel was frozen solid and would work. This was tricky, but didn't phase us one bit. We had the big girls on our mind. Once we got the rhythm down, it was actually enjoyable. Despite our thoughts driving out there, we were believe it or not? Warm and fuzzy!

It took a matter of minutes to get the party started. I mentioned to Logan my partner that he should get the net. He laughed. "Is that a call?" He asked. "I suppose that's what you call it," I joked to him. Well I forgot all about the call I had made when things got hectic. Within feet of the monster from a few days back, I casted my bait. With my mouth to the reel, I was blowing the ice off. Once I started reeling, it was tight, and I thought I had the bottom. Two head pumps later it was obvious I had a fish. Immediately it was off, and I was furious that I didn't set the hook. Was that the one I immediately thought? Heck no! I tossed the bait right back, and BAMN! She nailed it again! A beautiful fish, and that snow in the background should explain it all. That's why I drove so far, and that's why I love this sport!  Just Awesome!

About an hour later the wind was starting to get moving. We approached the honey hole that has been so good the last few outings. Still working the reels and thawing the ice off of them with each cast, we were about 30 yards from my fish from earlier, and a few feet from one of the giants when Loge was stopped dead in his tracks. He screamed like a little girl for me to get the net as his fat beast of a musky came boatside. Believe me, it wasn't that easy when everything is froze together. Nonetheless, we sealed the deal and boated his fish. This big girl was pretty much identical in length, however you can tell that she eats very well, and weighs a good 8 to 10 pounds more than mine. There is just something about those fall fish that get me worked up. I just love it when they get so round and plump like that.  That fish has the build of a record in a few years.  Incredible girth on her!

Well, that was pretty much our day. Things started to get real hairy shortly after that catch. The wind picked up, and the waves were a cause for concern. When the air is that cold, anything can happen. We had already broken 2 reels, and other issues were starting to show their face. The boat was fast becoming a skating rink as the waves crashed over the front. It took us a while to get the trolling motor back in the boat after it froze tight in the down position, and turning off the big motor didn't seem like such a good idea. We called it a day considering these elements, and I'm pretty sure there were some happy people back on shore for our decisions. A great time spent with my fishing buddy Loge, and a few more huge fall muskies. Don't worry, I'll be back for the state record before it freezes tight!  Until then, Keep on Livin The Dream!