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Travis Frank and Trophy Encounters Guide Service specializes in fully-guided fishing trips for Muskie, Walleye, Bass, Northern Pike and Panfish on Lake Minnetonka, Lake Waconia, Lake Mille Lacs and other Metro Minnesota Waters.‚Äč

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Keepin it going one fish at a time...

Travis Frank

47.5%20001.jpgThe streak of catching at least one fish each outing continues.  We are now up to 5 days in a row, and this mornings fish was a definite beauty.  I honestly thought I had hit the 50 inch mark with this fish, but maybe because it was such a healthy and fat fish, it was deceiving.  Instead it measured in at 47.5 which I am still tickled to death about.  Ray and myself hit the water with every attempt to get Ray his first muskie ever.  Unfortunately this beast ate my bait instead of his, but we were using different offerings, and apparently this fish was hungry for mine.  After releasing this hunny of mine, and on our very next stop, Ray had a true giant come after his bait.  I know for a fact that his fish would have beaten mine out in the size department, but it was not to be boated on this day.  Our flurry of activity was fairly short-lived, and we managed a few pike before it was said and done.  It was enough to keep the streak in tact, but the muskies failed to take Ray's muskie virginity from him.  While we haven't been seeing 20 fish every time out, we are making up for it in size.  Most of the fish that we have been having approach our baits have been in the upper 40 inch range and low 50's.  Not the continuous excitement that can sometimes be had, but each fish makes up for that in a hurry when they smack the lures with that much poundage behind them.  Yesterday I was greeted by Paul and his wife Maureen and you guessed it.  It rained, and rained, and then rained some more on us.  We saw a few nice fish, and landed one smaller one before we were soaked through our shorts.  We didn't capture the kodak moment of the fish since it was a steady downpour, but it was cool nonetheless. The streak stands at 5 days, but we are a long way from breaking 8 days straight that we had a few weeks ago.  I'll keep ya posted on how the streak continues.  Tomorrow the Wisconsin boys are jumping in the boat, and the pressure is on them to keep a good thing going :)

The conditions have been so funky in the past two weeks that I don't think the fish know what to do.  One day it is 95 degree July weather, then the next it is 40 degree November weather, only to be followed by 85 again.  Who knows????  All I do know is that the water temps have gone from 68 to 75 and now they are back down to 65.  It can make for very unpredictable fishing, but isn't tha how muskie fishing is suppose to be???  Until next time y'all, Keep on Livin the Dream!