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Travis Frank and Trophy Encounters Guide Service specializes in fully-guided fishing trips for Muskie, Walleye, Bass, Northern Pike and Panfish on Lake Minnetonka, Lake Waconia, Lake Mille Lacs and other Metro Minnesota Waters.‚Äč

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Way to Land The Big One Mark!

Travis Frank


Way to Go Mark!  A dandy 48.5 incher that went airborn 3 times before he even knew if he had it hooked or not.  It was truly an exciting explosion, and left us full of excitement.  The funny part about this morning is that a few days back, I received an email from his brother Mike (standing next to him) stating that he was bringing his brother along to have him witness the 50 incher that he was going to haul in.  Instead it was the rookie who landed the big one and gave us the mornings excitement.  For Mark, this was his first true muskie, since the other one he landed was less than a foot long while walleye fishing.  Well, he now has bragging rights over his brother, and although Mike has landed a few in the past, he can't say that he has the largest fish in the family any longer.  This was a great catch this morning, but our only picture taker for the day.  It is very evident that the fishing pressure that this lake has been seeing is causing these fish to hide from us Muskie Dude's.  While we may not be seeing 30 fish a morning any longer, we are still putting giants in the boat, and this morning Mark completed a textbook muskie battle and was on the winning end of the deal.  Congrats on the fish of a lifetime!  Truly something to be proud of (and brag to the family about!).

Markskihunting%20017.jpgBails, Nate and myself skipped town early Friday to head up to my old stomping grounds up north and to get in on the last couple of days of the early goose season.  I typically have several birds in the bag by this time of the season, but have not had the chances to get out hunting that I normally have.  We left in time to set up deer stands and find the birds before Saturday morning, and the results were typical to my previous years successess....AWESOME!  this honey hole has given some of the most "in your face" action in the past and it didn't dissappoint this time either.  I know this isn't a picture of a muskie, but we filled out in no time and watched several more risk their lives coming into our spread.  Saturday gave us our limit of 15 birds and my first trigger pulling of the season.  Saturday night we chose to bow hunt for the deer opener, and although we usually see between 20-30 deer a piece, they moved throughout the morning hours and didn't hardly move a muscle during the evening.  I video taped a small buck at about 5 yards, and got busted by a doe at full draw on my bow, but other than that, Bails passed on 3 smaller bucks within 10 yards, and Nate had nothing in sight.  Still nice to get in the deer stand again even though we didn't get spoiled with deer frolicking all around our stands like normal. 


Sunday morning we switched back to the geese, and had the typical 2nd day of hunting the same spot.  Some of the birds were a little less willing to come full steam into our spread, but we highlighted the morning by taking 8 birds out of a flock of 11.  Not too shabby for only having 3 guns and Bails missing everything but the air with his shots (heehee).  But in all honesty, it was a hunt I won't soon forget.  It was Nate's first trek to my honey holes, and I don't think it will soon be forgotten.  I want to thank Jerry for another memorable hunt on his property, and Steve for putting us up in one of their fabulous cabins.  I truly have to recommend this family owned resort to anybody looking for a place to stay in the northern country.  The cabins were cozy as heck, fully stocked with all living necessities, and the hospitality was second to none.  It was quite the relaxation for us between our hunts, and I will definitely be paying them a visit the next time I cruise up there.  Cedar Rapids Lodge is where it's at!  Until next time, keep on living the dream!