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Travis Frank and Trophy Encounters Guide Service specializes in fully-guided fishing trips for Muskie, Walleye, Bass, Northern Pike and Panfish on Lake Minnetonka, Lake Waconia, Lake Mille Lacs and other Metro Minnesota Waters.‚Äč

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Finally a New Update....Sorry!

Travis Frank

asdhfosahfguhooihaef_0031.jpgOk...Ok...Ok... so I know it has been forever since I have shown the world what I've been up to, but I have been away at school up in the beautiful northwoods of Bemidji.  Just a little side note to that is that THIS IS MY LAST SEMESTER!!!!  So while I have been up at school, it doesn't mean that I haven't been out in the woods or hitting the water. 

asdhfosahfguhooihaef_0051.jpgDuring the last month or so I've had some good hunts and bad hunts as well as a few good times on the water and a couple of cold rough times.  I will eventually try to get all of the pictures up of the latest and greatest adventures, but until then I'll post a few gems for all to drool over.

n136902523_30270666_6431.jpgI've hunted for almost everything that this state has to offer as far as the seasons go, and have had some pretty darn good results.  I must say that the northern part of this state can pretty much offer the finest goose huntin known to man.  It doesn't hurt anything that my roomate has pretty much the best set up for the job (check out that butt-kickin trailer full of decoys, or as Joe calls it "The belly of the beast").  When you add to the hours of scouting and a few good callers in the field, it doesn't take long before our bag limit is full for the day.  I thought I had a passion for waterfowl hunting, but when I witness Joe on the Go I see a different enthusiasm and skill that  maybe nobody else has.  We've managed to sneak a few great hunts in before classes in the morning as well as on the weekends.  I know some of these pics aren't all fish related, but hey, they are trophy encounters nonetheless and I enjoy showing them.  n136902523_30282336_9121.jpg

My hunts have been from the area's near Waconia all the way north to Blackduck, Fosston, and Bemidji.  I've shared a few good laughs with fellow schoolmates and hometown huntin buddies that make the trek up to join in on the fun of the fields and woods.  We've shot anything from grouse to wood ducks, white tails to mallards, geese to teal and a few other creatures along the way.  My travels have included: a few great clients on the water back home for muskies and walleyes, Matt, Vans, Whorel, Bails, Joe, Drew, Aaron, Dusty Bottoms, Stender, and Goofy.  n136902523_30270778_5594.jpgAll of these times have as you could imagine been great and action packed, not to mention all the laughs and goof ups that we experience along the way.  Especially hunting for fowl with a man on crutches,  I must say that it was quite a sight to see a full body goose decoy under each arm as he hobbled out to the pasture on his crutches.  Nice work Chadly.  Thanks for the fun hunts guys and many more to come. n136902523_30285403_4781.jpg

n136902523_30294666_1140.jpgOh yeah, and I'm giving a shout out to my buddies who harvested their first deer ever with the bow and arrow on a weekend hunt with me.  Nice goin Bails and Whorel.  And good luck in Dakota, Wish I was goin with you boys.... More to come soon...PA030011.JPG

Back to the books I suppose.....I have a pretty big test tomorrow....Darn tests....