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Photo Blog

Spring Goose Fight...

Travis Frank

Maybe it's because they are so darn loud and obnoxious, but I'm sure you are all aware that geese own all bodies of water during the spring.  Yep, the government owns nothing, landowners get nothing, the property actually belongs to the geese, all of it!  At least you would probably think this way if you took a stroll around any pond during the spring mating season.  One of the most obnoxious and yet interesting mating habits are from our resident geese.

Once a male locks up with his mate, they lock down their prime nesting area, and if another goose comes anywhere near her or his land, it's going to get real serious, real fast.  In fact, in the bird kingdom, it might be one of the most interesting battles.  They will attack, and they get physical.  Snapping, hissing, honkey and biting, all while in full flight or running.  It's something to behold, and my curiousity brought me to a pond the other day.  As you can see, I got a view of a goose that got too close to another man's turf.  Glad it wasn't me getting chased...