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Life is good...

Travis Frank

I am spoiled.  I've said it before, I'll say it again.  The past few trips on the water have been very rewarding.  Yesterday I started my quest for the record.  The "Quest" is my yearly state record muskie chase on Mille Lacs.  It happens every year in November and my goal is a 54 pounder (aka: the state record). 

My brother joined me last season for his first rush of a 50 pounder boatside.  Yesterday, he was the first to hook up.  Although it wasn't a 50 pounder, it was the widest, heaviest 47 incher I have ever seen.  We accidentally broke the scale before we could get a weight on his fish, but given the extreme girth dimensions I would put this muskie near the 40 pound mark.  A true giant with ridiculous width. 

Shortly after Adam's catch, my buddy, Matt Hennen, hooked up with his personal best.  A monster that fell just shy of 53 inches.  Again, another fish that broke the 40 pound mark.  This one was around 42 to 43 pounds.  Simply ridiculous.  Looking at the 2 pictures you can see these fish are each a different strain.  The 47 incher was actually a wider, thicker fish head to tail.  While Matt's muskie was nearly 6 inches longer, it didn't retain the same build top to bottom.  It had a fat belly, but not the same width.  If it had the same build of Adam's fish, then we would have been talking about a 50 pounder.  Regardless, they were both incredible fish. 

A few days prior to this outing, I filmed a tv show with Ron Schara and his daughter Laura.  I won't spill the beans on the whole trip, but it was an exciting adventure that I believe you will enjoy watching.  You'll be able to catch the action on an upcoming episode of Minnesota Bound.  The teaser is a picture of Laura's first muskie.  The day prior to our filming, I was out with a muskie man named Jeff, and he also landed a dandy.  You might say we've had a good run of luck.

While all of these muskies stories are great, nothing even comes close to what took place on Saturday.  I wasn't fishing, but I landed the best catch of my life.  I asked my dream woman, Sarah, to marry me, and SHE SAID YES!  Woohoo!  Life is good.  God is good!  I am such a blessed man.  Until the next incredible moment happens, keep chasing your dream!