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Game on 2015!

Travis Frank

Welcome to opening week, 2015.  Does it get any better than opening week?  Well, I guess that would depend on what you consider to dominate.  But, for the sake of this post, it doesn't get any better.  Opening day brings a fresh slate, and excitement to build off of what we learned every year leading up to this one.  For myself, and my clients, I am pumped for what this year will bring. It seems walleye fishing in the metro continues to get better every year.  Part of it is because of the stocking efforts on our lakes.  I also think it's because I have made an effort to dial in every single scenario that I will run across as the year unfolds.  Sometimes it's a cold front, other days it's extreme heat and rapidly rising water temps.  Sometimes we fish in clouds and wind, other times there's flat calm sun.  No matter the condition, I believe there's always fish to be caught.  Learning how to catch fish in all conditions takes time, but as the years unfold, I've found some patterns that have proven true in nearly every scenario the Big Guy above can show us. 

Opening day was a perfect example of adapting to difficult conditions.  As dawn broke on Lake Minnetonka, the air was cold.  Somewhere in the mid 40s.  That isn't unusual for this time of the year, but it was a change from the norm this year. For several weeks leading up to Saturday the lows had been in the 50s.  At 5am on Saturday morning, the wind was cold from the northeast, and the fish weren't biting.  At least the walleyes.  And at least in our boat. 

On these cold mornings that have turned the walleyes off, I've learned to be patient and let the sun warm them up.  It's not common walleye knowledge, but I've found the middle of the day to be best when this happens.  The sun warms the shallow waters and the bait fish move into the shallow weeds.  The first green weeds of the year hold the life, and the walleyes follow.   They are there to eat.  They are catchable.  Ironically, this pattern seems to be best during the middle of the day.  Exactly the opposite of what a walleye angler would expect. 

We were patient, and as the clock struck the magic hour of 10 am, we started catching our walleyes.  They didn't stop until we ran out of bait at 2pm.  And, with the ultra clear, zebra mussel filled water of lake Minnetonka, we could literally watch the fish eat.  Think things are changing?  Yes they are.  Will you be changing with them?  I think you should.  There's never been a better chance to catch walleyes from our metro lakes.  And, with the invasion of zebra mussels, there's never been a better chance to watch it all with your very eyes. 

The season is here.  I sure hope it treats you well!  As always, if I can help you out on the water this year, please don't hesitate to ask.  It's something I truly enjoy.  2015 is going to be the best year yet.  I can just feel it.  I hope it is for you too!  Until next time, Keep Livin' the Dream!