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Big Musky Smiles :)

Travis Frank

It doesn't matter what fish you chase or where, you have likely heard a fishing story about a muskie.  Whether it chased down a bucktail, hit a spinnerbait while bass fishing, or just swam by the dock - muskie encounters stand out.  They do something to you that lasts forever.  With one swoosh of the tail, that fish can create a positive memory for anybody that see's it. 

"Muskies make bigger smiles."  It's a true statement, and it's the tag-line from a new campaign called "Big Musky Smiles."  A non-profit organization formed by a few muskie nuts (myself included) that have teamed up to help promote our sport in a positive light.  We're not looking to take a stance, stock fish, or talk politics.  We're simply looking to spread the excitement that is muskie fishing.  We want to change the image that they are "monster man eating" fish.  Ya know, share the "good" word.

There's a new website that launched today, called There, you can share photo's and memories of your big catch.  If you travel I-94 northbound, you'll likely see a billboard showcasing one of the biggest muskie smiles to date.  A 57 inch monster caught by 8 year old, David Jacobson.  That's just the start, we plan to expand.

What does all of this mean?  Truthfully, we don't know yet.  We just love muskies and everything that goes with them.  We think it's ok for us to be proud of the fish we chase.  Minnesota is easily the top destination in the world for big muskies.  It's a good time to reflect on that and share the positive side. 

For more information, check out today's story in the Star Tribune Newspaper.  There's a cool write-up with the slimy details.  The next time you encounter a muskie, look around.  My guess is that everyone in the boat will have a smile on their face.  You probably will too.  Celebrate the moment.  It's why we fish.  Until the next muskie strikes, keep on livin' your dream!