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Game On Walleyes!

Travis Frank

I'm convinced the season never closes in Minnesota.  There are big fish to be hooked 365 days a year.  In my opinion, the walleye opener in 5 days simply means there are more places to get it done.  If you are a fishin' fool like myself, then you've probably already hooked a few marble eyes. 

The Mighty Mississippi has been giving them up all winter and spring.  The only thing that slowed it down was mother nature's flood.  The Rainy River is always a good April option.  Walleyes and Sturgeon make it a double sweet trip.  The Mississippi is now back in her banks and so is the bite.  Pools 2 through 4 never close.  Adding to the list, our border waters are now fair game.  The season is open my friends, in fact it's in full swing!

This past Saturday I celebrated another 2011 fishing opener.  This time it was my St. Croix river opener.  Funny thing is, I was late to the party.  Walleye dudes had been hammering them for the past week.  This is the 3rd year that I've fished that stretch of water, and every year I walk away more impressed.  When it comes to quality sauger and eyes, it's hard to beat the Croix.  Rumors of the hot bite were true, and it didn't take us long to fill our box.  Our method was simple.  Jigs tipped with minnows or plastics.  Honestly, they both caught 'em well.  The secret was finding the fish.  And, judging by all the boats catching 'em, it wasn't much of a secret.  Neither was the bait.

I realize the significance of the Minnesota opener in a few days.  Like you, I am growing restless.  I'm just happy that we never had to stop catching walleyes to wait for it.  If you are looking for a quick fix to your walleye blues, I strongly suggest you head to a border water this week.  The cool water temp has these fish on a feeding rampage.  Get out there and rub off the dust before the opener hits.  You won't be disappointed.   Until the next season opens, keep on livin' your dream!