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ADD Fishing Disease?

Travis Frank

Every spring I look for a fish or two that I can target to cure my ADD fishing disease.  What's ADD fishing disease?  Well, It's a fishing disease that I get every year around March 1, and it runs through the early part of May.  The time period when the ice is leaving the lake and the game fish seasons aren't open statewide.  I can't fish where I want, and I can't fish for what I want to catch, so I have to fill the void.  This leaves me running to every part of the state chasing anything that will tug hard on my line.  It's the most random time of the year, and I'm seldom in the same place twice.  Hence, I call it my "ADD fishing disease."

A couple of weeks back I was on the river chasing the big fat walleyes of spring.  I love this time of the year, but the floods never fail, and you can always count on a couple of weeks of down time.  In a few days I'll be on the Rainy River chasing Sturgeon, and when I get home I'll probably start my flathead catfish escapades.  These are all great things, but like any fisherman, I always want more.  If I had it my way, I'd have something new to catch 24/7, which is why I'm always mixing things up and trying something new.  If it tugs, I want to catch it.

To scratch my itch of not catching a fish for almost 2 weeks, Mike and I decided to grab some crawlers and drive the back country roads in search of flooded river rough fish.  This has been a staple for us to pass the down time each spring, and to be honest it can be far more challenging than one might think.  When there are thousands of acres of flooded land, you still have to find the fish, and then you have to get the fish to eat your stinky bait.  It's not rocket science, but some days you really have to place your bait in the perfect spot. 

Last Saturday was a good example.  It took several presentations and several locations, but Mike and I finally found some nice Carp along a flooded road.  They were working a very grassy and brushy area and required our worms to be placed at an almost exact depth in an almost exact spot.  You could say that it was tough fishing, but once we got the pattern figured out, it was FISH ON!  Right now you may be reading this thinking that we are nuts and it sounds boring, but I gaurantee you that if you had your drag screaming from a carp, you'd think differently.  Its a hoot!

Mike and I spend a few days each year doing this and we have our honey holes that seem to produce every year.  We never catch any monster carp, but they provide far more pull than any panfish that I've ever caught.  Plus, it allows a good chance to get others out fishing in a very simple atmosphere and its usually quite relaxing too.  A friend, named Mitch Petrie, brought his boys down to find out on their own, and I think we made a lasting impression.  His Facebook update after they left read...  Carp fishing = Fun.  His son Theo caught the largest carp Saturday, and afterwards, he was shaking!

Who would have thought that catching carp from shore would get me excited?  Well, at least it cured my ADD fishing disease for another couple of days.  It just goes to show you that there is always something to catch if you really want to be on the water 365 days a year!  Until the next fish strikes, keep on livin' the dream!