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Now is the Time...

Travis Frank

To take a kid fishing.  We preach it all the time, but how good are we at actually making it happen?  I feel this is a valid question, because we hear the phrase, but how well do we follow through with it?  It's simply not that easy to make it happen.  Sometimes we just don't have the time, or we might not know a young angler that even wants to go fishing.  I am not saying that I'm the best at this either, but I can assure you one thing, I try.  Yep, I make an honest effort to do the same that was done for me when I was a young fishing dude.  Now I try to find young kids that I know want to fish, and whenever I can make it work, I take them fishing.

I believe this is probably the fourth year in a row that I have written this story during the early summer months, but I think it is worth repeating again.  Now is the time to get your kids into the sport of fishing.  The panfish are biting, and if you are a young angler it doesn't get any better than right now.  Just ask young Tanner, the young stud pictured holding his fine panfish catch from this past Saturday.  The best part about this time of the year is that you need almost zero equipment to make a kids day.  A simple rod and reel, a small bobber, a few small hooks and some wiggling worms will do the trick.  That's it!  No boat necessary.  I repeat, no boat is needed for this to happen.  The panfish are now in the shallow waters and any small bay on any lake will have fish within casting distance of shore.  Tanner caught all of his fish in about 1 or 2 feet of water.  All you need to do is a little research on where you can legally fish from shore, and you can go do it.  The key is not waiting until June, July or August.  That's too late, you must go now. 

I'm not trying to sound like a nag, but I assure you that you can brighten any childs day.  There is just something about a fish pulling on the end of a young kids line that gets them excited.  Once you see their pure excitement, you will never forget it, and it will give you a better feeling than any 50 inch muskie.  I promise!  If you are able to be a blessing to a child this spring or summer, I strongly encourage you to follow through and make it happen.  Even if you are reading this and saying, I take my child fishing, I do my part, then it might be cool to take the neighbor kid along too.  It's just a thought but I feel its worth sharing.  If you need any rods or reels, just let me know and I can get you the equipment.  Also, there is a new website to teach every single fundamental thing about fishing called the school of outdoor sports.  I will stop with my rant and rave now...Thank you, and until next time, remember to take a kid fishing!