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Mississippi Gold...

Travis Frank

The last few days have been beyond stellar.  Leading up to this point I was wondering if this years run would even happen.  Thoughts of the flooding high waters of a year ago rushed my memory and I figured this year would be even worse.  While this flood may still occur, and likely soon, one thing is for certain - it didn't happen before we got a few great days on the water.

The last 3 days I snuck away to get my boat in the water for an extended period of float time.  I recapped Friday evenings events in the last update, but want to once again give a shout out to Mitch and Bails for all the fish they caught.  Mitch, you are a hoot! 

Saturday was more of the same but with a different group.  Subtract Mitch and add Dusty and Dingwall to the mix.  Par for the course, these boys didn't skip a beat.  In fact, they brought a little more action to the table and matched the performance of both Bails and myself.  The only difference on this day was that we couldn't find a monster to take a picture with.  Most of our fish were in the 16 to 20 inch range with about a half dozen between 20 and 23 inches and the biggest fish only pushing about 4.5 pounds.  Not that we were complaing, but that kicker fish is always cool to top off a perfect day on the water.  Our fish to remember on Saturday was not the biggest walleye of the day, however a giant sauger that had a belly full of future river runners.  She was a dandy, and Bails was the catcher. 

Sunday afternoon gave us another spectacular day of Minnesota spring weather.  Water temps jumped slightly and you could see the response in the fish.  Again we caught a pile of them, but this time I noticed more females showing up.  Yep, the big fat bellies that we look forward to so much this time of the year.    We only had a couple of hours of afternoon daylight to enjoy it, but this time it was Phillip and Mike's turn to join us.  They all did their share to hoist the fatties, and Phillip took first place with one of his first fish of the 2010 open water season.  It just doesn't get any better than that. 

Overall it was a picture perfect start to the open water season.  The weather was fantastic and the fishing was great too.  Everybody got in on the ation and we caught fish in every size range.  If you would like, you can check out the photo blog and photo albums to see some of my favorite shots from the last few days on the water.  I will continue to upload them as I sort through them all.  I hope you enjoy.  Until next time, keep on livin' the dream!