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Crazy Over Morel Mushrooms!

Travis Frank

Crazy is a good word for this topic. Never has there been such a craze over a certain kind of edible object. For the last week or so I have seen some pretty generous friends become very selfish. I have heard lies from individuals that would never stretch the truth. It seems that this Morel Mushroom craze is effecting everyone, and nobdy wants to share! I too am guilty of this craze and I don't know why. The good mushroom hunters become quiet when the conversation is started. The bad mushroom hunters can't ask enough questions on where to find them, and the lazy mushroom hunters always want everyone else's freshly picked gems.

For about 2 weeks every spring this entire scenario plays itself out. Sometimes I am in on the action, and others I am just a wishful onlooker. This year, I happened to strike gold! I suddenly have more friends than before, and everyone seems to remind me of the favors that they have done for me. It's pretty funny, but everyone wants a sample of my fungi. To be honest, I can't blame 'em! They are the tastiest appetizer that you will ever find.

The time is now, and you must act quick. The morel mushroom season is nearly finished. Last week was the start of the season in the central and southern parts of Minnesota, and this week will likely be the end. I searched high and low last week and found a few pods. Once you find one, you typically find many. Dead Elm tree's are the ticket from what I've seen. Area's with several dead elms and extra sunlight tend to be good. I've heard other diehard hunters say the exact opposite, so who the heck knows. These little buggers can pop up anywhere. Add in a rain shower and sunny weather, and they tend to sprout instantly. These are the rules that I have learned in my young mushroom hunting career. Sometimes they work, and sometimes they don't. Just gotta keep on lookin!

This past Sunday I put them all together and made a trek to my father's known mushroom territory. He use to pick'em as a kid growing up on the farm. He was inspired when I brought som over last week, and early Sunday morning we were on our mission. A mission that was successful and flavorful. We found the motherload and filled the sacks. Some 350 to 400 mushrooms filled our bags by the end of that day. Dead elms were the ticket, and some were better than others. Once we found the right bottom content mixed with the elms, it was a mad dash to pick em. An incredible day if you are a mushroom hunter. A day that is similar to winning the lottery. Once you win, everyone becomes your best friend! From the hills of mushroom heaven, Keep on Livin' the Dream!