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Travis Frank and Trophy Encounters Guide Service specializes in fully-guided fishing trips for Muskie, Walleye, Bass, Northern Pike and Panfish on Lake Minnetonka, Lake Waconia, Lake Mille Lacs and other Metro Minnesota Waters.‚Äč

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Ada Boy Allen!

Travis Frank

This morning well before the normal man or woman was thinking about rising, I was gearing the boat up for what I hoped to be an awesome morning on the water.  Joining me for the 3rd straight season was the father son duo of Jim and Allen.  Now these two guys are no strangers to muskies, and I must say that I think they have a slight horseshoe of luck in their pockets.  The past two seasons they have joined me once each year for their muskie excursion of the summer.  Each time out, we have had muskies jumping like crazy at their baits, and many in the 50 inch class.  While most of them have found their way off the hook, we have boated 3 of them, so we are batting well over 100%  This morning was right on par for the type of trips that we have experienced in the past.  While it started slowly, it ended with a bang!  For the first two hours, we saw nothing, but then things really let loose.  Allen landed his first fish ever at roughly 40 inches.  Not a giant, but a great fish, and the strike was unbelievable.   We'll just say that this muskie cleared the surface by a good 2 feet.  After that excitement, Allen had another one nearly take the goods, but fall just short.  3 fish in 10 minutes was pretty sweet.  We left that spot, and Allen instantly had a very large fish screaming to the boat.  I would put it at about 50 inches.  

A few casts later it was Jim's turn, and you would swear that he had a sumo wrestler do a cannonball the way that the fish moved the water around his bait.  Somehow Jim came up empty after the dust settled, but he was a shakin!  A few more spots, and a couple encounters from some more 50 plus inchers, and it was nothin but laughs and good times  To see that many huge fish in one short outing is almost unheard of.  As our day was approaching and end, we were reminiscing about the morning when all of the sudden I spotted one coming out of the depths towards Allen's bait.  I told him to get ready, and just like a champ, he sweet talked his second muskie into biting.  It was so cool to see that 46 incher come from so far down, and in the clear water and high sun, everything was crystal clear.  Almost too perfect, and on that note, we decided to end the day with a slimy handshake.  Nothin but great times when these two boys jump in the boat.  Now Allen has bragging rights over a few buddies, and Jim has some pressure on him for the next time out in a couple of weeks.  Thanks for the fun boys!  See ya again soon!  Until next time, Let's keep on livin' the dream!