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Learning About Our Lakes...

Travis Frank

Sunrise.jpgLearning a little more about what goes into our resources is something that I feel is very important for us outdoorsmen to take a look at.  Last week I went to a city council meeting in my town of Waconia to find out exactly what they are doing with lake Waconia.  Since this meeting was directly related to the lake itself and its water quality, I found this meeting right up my alley.  It was very cool to learn about the history of the lake and to find out what has been done to keep it clean.  While there has been much done over the years to clean up the lake and its pollutants, there still is much that can be done.  I found it interesting to see that the county, city and state continue to find ways to purify the waters that we enjoy. 

SunsetBorder.jpgWhile I liked what they had to say, it won't come without a cost to all that live in the community.  Many of the people that live on the lake are what I would call "Uneducated" as far as the lake itself and what is happening.  I was summoned to the meeting so that there would be a person who could explain a little more about what is happening under the water and with the fishing and vegetation.  It was interesting that landowners and many within the town don't even understand things like milfoil, curly leaf, the fish, and Cormorants.  It was important to speak up and inform about what is happening within our lakes, and now there is going to be a meeting in which they bring in the DNR for more information.  There will certainly be tax $$$$ spent on our lakes, but without the right input from the right people many issues may go un touched.  While I hadn't planned on being a part of this project, I now am fully involved and looking forward to the next meetings on how to clean things up.  The tests that they have done are interesting as far as water quality, but they may not continue to get better without our support.  Please take some time to attend any of the up-coming meetings in either Waconia or your own town to learn what is being done.  It will truly be an eye opener for you, and will help you understand what is being done and where your money is being spent.  That's my informative message for now, and I'm sure there will be more.  If we want to keep on Livin' the dream, we have to continue supporting it!  If you want more information about the meetings I will be attending, please feel free to contact me, or you can just contact your own communities to find out what they are doing.