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Travis Frank and Trophy Encounters Guide Service specializes in fully-guided fishing trips for Muskie, Walleye, Bass, Northern Pike and Panfish on Lake Minnetonka, Lake Waconia, Lake Mille Lacs and other Metro Minnesota Waters.‚Äč

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Weekend Warriors!

Travis Frank

P1011583.JPGWith the recent success that we have been having out on Tonka, it is no doubt that many people wanted in on the action.  This past weekend I found myself moving houses here and there in hopes of getting in on the action.  In total we had 5 houses full of eager fisherman on both Friday and Saturday evening.  How did we fare???  The jury is still out on that one, but I am pretty confident that we all had a good time.  Friday night I was not in on the action, however dropped by the houses for a quick hello and to check the results.  For the gentlemen, the drinks were a little bit more active than the fish.  In fact, the weather really must have put a damper on things, because only one of the houses managed to call me in the morning wondering how to get their picture on the computer.  Jeremy, thank you for sending this picture, but next time, you and your ol man have to thaw the camera out before you take the picture! haha!  Though the fish didn't cooperate extremely well for everybody on Friday night, the stories I heard were all spectacular, and well, we'll just say that a few of them weren't quite feeling the best on Saturday morning.  Nice work Jeremy for your biggest Willie of the season!

DSCI0003.jpgWith the lack of productivity and warmer weather coming in on Saturday, the fish house moving company was in full effect again on Saturday and we repositioned 3 houses for the night bite.  Turned out to be a good move for all 3 of the houses, because some biters were definitely located.  Dusty and I nestled in shortly after drilling the holes and banking the house, and I started the battling for the night with a good "eater."  Soon after the phone was ringing, and Mikey was in on the catching.  With a few more guys joining us on the lake, Dusty and I left the house, picked them up and placed them accordingly.  When that many great guys hit the water together, it doesn't take long before they are all packed in one place and telling jokes.  We found ourselves doing this most of the night in Theo's fish house palace, which is the location of the largest catch of the night.  During our rants and raves over the fish, one of the rattles went off, but since there was such a large crowd, nobody wanted to take the line for fear of embarrassment in loosing the fish.  Todd was the only brave soldier step up, and he was rewarded with a nice 26.5 incher.  Adda Boy Todd!  Our night continued and so did the laughs.  As we all parted our ways and hit the sack, it wasn't long before our house was dinging again.  Fish #3 for our house turned out to be the last one, and the largest one for us.  Doug pulled up his second Eye of the night at about 4 pounds.  

The other houses had mixed results.  Mikey's house had one eye, Theo's managed 3, Whorl's had 4 biters with 0 coming up the hole, Dingy had 0 bites with 0 coming up the hole, and we had 3 in our house.  What the weather has been doing to these fish makes it hard to find consistency, but the only consistency to report for this weekend is the fun times had by all.  I want to thank everyone that made this such a fun weekend including Mikey, Jeremy, Keith, Doug, Theo, Todd, Dusty, Mike, Sean, Matt, Luke, Paul, Tim, Jill, Daniel and Jason.  I will show more pictures as I have them sent to me, so stay tuned.  What a weekend it was, and that is how we all like to "Live The Dream!"