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Travis Frank and Trophy Encounters Guide Service specializes in fully-guided fishing trips for Muskie, Walleye, Bass, Northern Pike and Panfish on Lake Minnetonka, Lake Waconia, Lake Mille Lacs and other Metro Minnesota Waters.‚Äč

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Now This Is Just Getting Ridiculous...

Travis Frank


Now Seriously!  This is almost getting ridiculous!  What is it that they say???  It's not quantity, but quality that we are after.  Well, I'll take whatever it is that we are after.  As I sit at the computer yet again writing another journal entry I giggle, smile and then giggle some more at the pictures that I am fortunate enough to keep on sharing.  Fresh off of a Trophy Encounter with an 11 pounder, Dusty, Matt and I returned to the house last night and Dusty almost matched my catch.  He didn't quite hit the 10 pound mark with this beast, but who cares.  That fish was HUGE!  We figured it to be in the 9 pound class, and that is just another one that left us smiling from ear to ear after we released it.  9pounderdusty%20011.jpgThough we tried to take a minute after the release to celebrate his catch, it was very short lived.  The line from his rattle reel hadn't even reached the bottom when Matt looked at his vexilar and said "Dude, there's another one down there!"  After swinging and missing the fish on its first nibble, he dropped his jig back to the bottom and proceded to put the smack down on it for bite number 2.  Yep, within 5 minutes my camera was getting a true work out, and the high fives were flying left and right.  It's not that we have been catching 50 fish a night, but the ones we are hoisting are really nice fish to say the least.  To land such huge walleyes in our back yard night after night is simply awesome.  9pounderdusty%20016.jpgA few weeks ago I put pictures up from some really nice fish and I commented that I wasn't sure how long this bite would last.  Well, I am being surprised more and more with every trip to the shack.  The weird thing is that they seem to be getting bigger.  We were wondering if we would even be able to catch something to eat the way the size was going, but then a few minutes later Dusty Bottoms set the hook on another one.  Finally!  An eater!  Not that we were complaining about the size, but we hadn't caught a fish under 20 inches in quite some time.  Since it is my fathers birthday today, I requested that we keep the 19.5 incher for him since he loves those tasty eye's.  A quick flurry of activity like that still has me pumped to write about a few hours later.  It just doesn't get old for me.  And then this morning on the way in I had a close encounter with another toothy critter.  Only this guy spends his time above the ice.  It was cool to drive alongside this coyote, but all I kept thinking about was how fun it would be to have a weapon in my truck and try to put a good stalk on him.  hahaha!  Yet again, a great night shared in the house, and more beauty's for the books.  Thanks for the fun times fellas.  And that is what I call "Livin The Dream!"9pounderdusty%20021.jpg