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Way To Go Dawn!!! Welcome Back SD Boys!

Travis Frank


I have to start this story by complimenting Pauly on yet another fine photo.  Not to take anything away from Dawn and her catch, but Pauly, that face is priceless!  Last night we put the house back out on the ice to get rid of the cabin fever that this cold front has put on us lately.  We had two goals in mind once we hit the ice.  Goal #1: Get Dawn a Walleye.  Goal #2: Get Pauly to catch a walley bigger than 10 inches.  Well, as luck would have it, we somehow accomplished both of our tasks, and managed to have a couple of chuckles at the same time.  Last night was kinda weird for us in the house.  Instead of only marking a few fish on the vexilar and catching them, we marked walleyes non-stop.  The only problem was that we couldn't quite entice the buggers into eating.  They were acting goofy and eating the bait really weird which resulted in Dawn swinging and missing on her first two takers of the night.  After cooking up some grub and shaking some dice, it was time for Dawn to take off for home.  As she was walking out the door I happened to look over at the screen only to see a giant red signal all over the bait.  I yelled for Dawn to come back in, and almost instantly the rattle started dinging.  Well I guess the 3rd time is the charm, and thank goodness she waited 10 more seconds, cuz now she is the proud fisherwoman holding this beauty!  Without that fish, we would not have had another classic Pauly Picture that seems to be showing up with more frequency lately!  Oh yeah, Pauly and I woke this morning to 2 rattles dinging away.  It would have been a double if I didn't miss my fish, but never the less, Pauly got his first eye of the season over 10 inches.  Another great night!  Thanks guys for the fun and Pauly, next time you sleep on a Cott, try not to smash it to pieces!  hahaha!

SDBoys%20008.jpgThe South Dakota boys are back for their annual trip to lake Waconia.  Last year we got these boys in the local paper, and I did a story about them on this website.  Just to refresh your memory.  These guys bring this Ginormous tent out on the ice and live in it for a few days while enjoying all the locals that stop in to take a gander at their set-up.  They are a great group of guys that spend the weekend every year on the ice and come all the way to our town just for the Wild Game Dinner that the Lion's Club puts on at the Ballroom.  SDBoys%20010.jpgWe spend a bit of time with these boys while they are up, and have grown to be great friends with them.  This morning we had a feast of a breakfast, and there are many more festivities planned for the next few days.  Trust me, you cannot miss these guys if you are on that lake this weekend.  The Flag fly's high all day, and has a spot light on it at night.  Stop by if you wish and say hello!  These guys definitely know how to Live The Dream!