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Lil Dingy & a Morning of Chaos!

Travis Frank

LilDingy%20001.jpgLast night Dusty, Matt, and myself were joined by a Dingwall.  Not that fishing with a Dingwall is new to me, cuz Tim is one of my favorite fishing buddies, however this time we were joined by Lil Dingy.  She hadn't been ice fishing in years and said that she wanted to try to catch something.  Knowing that her dad is about as goofy over fishing as I am, I thought it would be great for her to catch a big one to rub in to his face while he is at home sitting on the couch.  Well, that's just what she did, and she did it with style.  After she caught it, we joked about how surprised we were that the fish didn't somehow explode or spontaneously combust from being pulled 30 feet in a matter of a half of a second.  It was hilarious how fast she landed the fish, and the 3 of us seriously thought she was just pulling up the minnow on the hook and there was no fish attached to the line.  Our eyes almost bulged out of our heads when this nearly 4 pound walleye came flying 3 feet in the air out of the hole.  There is no way that a fish that large should ever fit perfectly into an 8 inch hole at that speed, it just never happens that way.  I almost fell to the floor laughing, but it is a catch nonetheless and an awesome fish for her to rub into her dad.  Haha...Should have been there Tim!

LilDingy%20005.jpgAfter that excitement and a few games of cards, Dusty, Matt and I decided to spend the night in hopes of more action.  Unfortunately when Dusty woke up at 5:00 am to head to work, he checked the lines, and all 5 of our minnows were tangled together in a HUGE mess.  No wonder we didn't hear any rattles ringing all night.  So with fresh lines set and the minnows swimming in their appropriate spots Matt and I were woken to complete chaos as a whole school of nice walleyes came in and ate all 4 minnows we had down.  Thinking we had another mess of tangled lines, Matt pulled up the first 19 incher and realized that the bells were still ringing and no tangles.  I jumped off of my bunk in time to watch him miss the next fish and I set the hook into a fat 20.5 incher.  With two flopping on the floor he went for the fourth line, and I watched him yet again swing and miss.  Now that is what I call an alarm clock, and that was just the time that we had to head off the lake anyway.  Perfect timing for that school to move in, and although doubles are sweet, Quadruples would have been awesome!  I am very surprised at our results due to the cold temps last night, but I think we may be on the school of fatties that we are looking for.  Look for some new reports coming in as we will be giving it a go again tonight with some new faces in the house.  Now that is what I call Livin The Dream!