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Congrats To Tim and Taylor!

Travis Frank


As a few of you already know, I have been donating some of my time to be a mentor for the Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Twin Cities program.  While I find it as being one of the greatest and most rewarding experiences of my life, I am compelled to post this story which I find even cooler.  From the day I started volunteering my time, my father Tim has been right along my side donating his time as well.  A few days ago he brought his Lil Brother Taylor out on the ice with him to experience a first time memory that I'm sure will never be forgotten.  My dad brought Taylor out to his spear house to watch down the hole in hopes of seeing a monster fish come swimming through.  This story comes from my dad, so I will tell it from his perspective. 

"Taylor and I had been sitting for a while without seeing more than a few bass.  All of the sudden a very large fish appeared out of nowhere and I asked Taylor if he saw it.  Taylor never said another word while watching the fish, but his eyes got the size of Mount Everest.  After I speared the fish and was bringing it out of the water, things got very hectic.  Taylor made a b-line for the door and couldn't get out of the house fast enough.  I could hear his hear pounding like a race horse.  It took him the next half hour to calm down.  The fish and the experience will never be forgotten, and it was Taylor's first ever experience with watching such a large fish come through the hole.  Although the fish was harmless, Taylor just didn't want to hold it for a picture, and getting him to pose with it was even as much fun as the excitement we shared in the fish house together when the fish swam in.  What a great day to be on the water and I'm so glad that everything worked out.  We had a lot of fun out there, and seeing that 10 pounder come in the hole will top any fish that I have taken while spearing.  I'm so happy to have been given that opportunity and I cannot wait for the next exciting trip on the lake.  To see that look of excitement was simply PRICELESS!"

That was one of the greatest stories that my father has ever told me, and I feel that it is very cool for him to introduce Taylor to such a cool site.  Taylor had told him how much he wanted to go ice fishing, and that he had never done it before.  I don't think you could draw up a better first time experience than the one that they had out on that small lake that day.  My hat is off to both my dad and Taylor for their great experience, and I'm honored to share that story with all of you.  Now that is what I call "Livin The Dream!"