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Travis Frank and Trophy Encounters Guide Service specializes in fully-guided fishing trips for Muskie, Walleye, Bass, Northern Pike and Panfish on Lake Minnetonka, Lake Waconia, Lake Mille Lacs and other Metro Minnesota Waters.‚Äč

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Mosher Monday....WOW!

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Talk about keeping the streak in tact.  Holy Moly Rocky!  What a sweet sweet day it was on the water.  And for Todd Mosher it was extra special, which is why we went ahead and labeled it Mosher Monday.  He and Theo jumped in my boat this morning for the trip that we had been trying to make happen for several months now.  Well, I guess it was worth the wait, and Trophy Encounters bumped its streak to 8 straight days on the water with at least 1 muskie.  Today we managed 4 in da boat, and as many of the stories I get to share, his fishing career will never be the same.  Up to this morning, his largest muskie was 39 inches.  From the looks of this pic, it aint 39 any more.  This was the last fish we boated this morning, but it was definitely the largest.  She reached out at a whopping 51 inches, and it was a battle that took several minutes of recovery for Todd and his aching arms once the smoke cleared and the fish swam away.  ToddTheo%20007.jpg

Earlier in the morning while it was still dark out, the sounds of waves slapping against the boat were broke by an intense strike about 2 feet from the boat, and Todd battled the 48 incher until the net could be placed in the water.  At first I thought it was Todd just shaking his rod in the water to give Theo and myself a scare, but unlike when I did it, he actually had a fish on.  It was one heck of a nice fish, but it hardly will be remembered because he landed such a beast a few hours later.  Although this seemed like Todd's day to shine, Theo and I both landed respectable fish as well.  ToddTheo%20011.jpg

Theo snatched up his personal best this morning also when he landed his 42.5 incher.  Two casts later on a fresh spot, I had to follow suit with my own, and we took pictures with my 46 incher.  I don't quite know if there is any better way to spend a morning.  Theo told his jokes, I laughed, and Todd caught huge fish.  Man if it is only that easy every time.  Much to my happiness, it has been the norm lately, and as quickly as we remenisce about last weeks great fish, we now have new pictures to ponder over and another new 50+ for me to talk about.  What a great boat full of fish this morning.  If you total it all up, we landed 187.5 inches of meat this morning.  That would probably take the cake in any tourney.  Good thing they are all swimming for us to hopefully catch again some day.  As always, Keep on livin the dream!  Who wants to go Muskie Hunting?!?!ToddTheo%20012.jpg