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Travis Frank and Trophy Encounters Guide Service specializes in fully-guided fishing trips for Muskie, Walleye, Bass, Northern Pike and Panfish on Lake Minnetonka, Lake Waconia, Lake Mille Lacs and other Metro Minnesota Waters.‚Äč

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All Hail Charlie!

Travis Frank


Not only is this a great picture of a father and son on the water, it was a great explosion and airborn attack by the fish!  Very cool to watch and to be able to capture another Kodak moment.  It was on our 3rd spot of the morning that this action took place.  The first spot gave us an close call, the second had nothing for us, and the 3rd was dynamite.  For Charlie and myself, this isn't our first fish together.  2 summers ago he joined me by himself to learn a little about the lake and the muskies, and this time he brought his father with to also learn a thing or two and hoping that his fathers luck would land him a giant.  Well, on this trip it was definitely Charlie's bait that the fish seemed to prefer, and all but one attack came on his bait.  Though the conditions weren't the best and it was mighty chilly this morning, Charlie had a few chances, and his dad had one heck of a short-lived battle and watched an upper 40 incher do the tail walk across the surface for a few seconds before releasing his bait.  It was an awesome sight to see, and I will admit that the huge amount of moving water in the nearly dead calm surface got my heart pumping a bit.  It was only a cast or two after Charlie had the same type of insane explosion.  Almost a double header, but nothing short of awesome to watch.  Thanks Charlie and Lynn, I had a great morning on the water with you two and look forward to another any time!


This week was another week of great experiences and many trophy encounters that I won't soon forget.  Monday was about the ones that got away with a line breaking in the morning, and a few other close calls.  Monday night the fish were insane and we did everything in our power to loose them all.  Tuesday morning was a great chance to photo another fat 47 and see more muskie antics.  Wednesday we landed 2 right off the bat, and watched several others do their thing.  Thursday was a short lived trip that was highlighted by a mid 40 incher that cleared the early morning waters only to shake the bait in the air.  Today as you can see above gave us another great picture that just makes a guy love waking up early to take advantage of a beautiful sunrise.  As muskie fishing goes, it is all about the experience and seeing what a truly powerful and acrobatic fish can do once it decides it wants to eat.  Some times we win and sometimes we lose, but it sure is a blast every time, and losing isn't all that bad when your heart doesn't stop pounding afterwards.  I want to thank every one that made it in my boat this week including Derek, Craig, Scott, Mark, Bod, Mitch, Kevin, Tim, Brian, Gary, Brian, Lynn and Charlie for anothe fun week of chasing the dream that I like to call Muskie Fishing!  Above is a picture of one of the many reasons I love every minute of being on the water.  You just cannot see that type of sky while sitting on the couch!