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Friday's Success Was Actually On Saturday!!!

Travis Frank


Friday I jumped in the boat with some Wisconsin natives, better known to us Minnesotans as the "Cheeseheads" (sorry guys, I had to take a poke:) ) to tackle with the Ole Muskellunge.  As it turns out, our success from that day wasn't determined until Saturday was finished.  We spent the entire time on Friday chatting about different presentations, and I explained to them some approaches that I often use.  It was kindof an eye opener of sorts for them as they had another day on the water after we were through, and they took full advantage of every second of it.  As you can see from the photos, these musky gods landed themselves a 45, 45.5, and a 49 incher on Saturday, and Yes, it was their first time ever fishing Tonka by themselves.  Deans_49inch_a.jpgI am absolutely extatic when I get to see the results turn out so good.  Unfortunately we didn't land anything on Friday, but  although we had our chances, the real success came in the lifelong and life changing fishing tactics that they learned.  It was very obvious to me that these guys were taking in every bit of information that I was spitting out to them, and I loved explaining everything I could to them to help their fishing future in any way.  Friday didn't produce fish, but Saturday was a day of fishing that this father son combo of Mark and Dean that they will never soon forget.  I enjoy the teaching process almost as much as the catching process, and when I get to see the results that I am posting, it really makes me feel great about what I do.  The sheer excitement in Mark's voice when hearing about the fish that they caught truly makes me feel good, and appreciate the amazing resource that we are so fortunate to have.  Up until this point these boys fish waters in Wisconsin that don't have this caliber of fish, and as Dean explained it, he has fished up to 5 days just to see a fish.  Marks_45inch_a.jpgMark obviously shattered his 42 inch mark with his healthy 45.5 incher, and Dean landed the monster of the day at 49 inches.  The best part of this whole story....they caught these fish all within 15 consecutive casts of each other.  NOW THAT"S HOW ITS DONE GENTLEMEN!  Congrats on a great day on the water Mark and Dean, I hope your success continues, and I hope to get you boys back on the water soon!  Lets hope for more pics in the next few days as the muskies aren't in the clear just yet! Fish On Y'all!

P.S. they took that fish to shore to make sure it had proper time to recoupe before releasing it....Mark said it swam away fine, so there is still one 49 incher left for us to catch!!