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WOOHOO!!! It's Musky Season!

Travis Frank


Well it's about time huh!  Musky season opened this past Saturday here in our wonderful musky state, and for yet another year, I didn't target my favorite specie.  I have been so darn consumed by trying to keep on the ever changing walleye bite, that I haven't thrown the big baits....that is until last night.  After having my fill of chasing the unpredictable walleye bite the last week or so, I decided to get after the big boys.  Our lake of choice on this outing was obviously Waconia, since that was where we were trying for the Walleyes at the time.  It wasn't long into the casting that I had the first follow of the year, and it was one of those fish that we all had a chance at catching.  The darn 42 incher chased all three of our lures boatside once we were doing our figure 8's.  Kinda cool, but it didn't eat!

spr07%20011.jpgAfter about 40 more casts a piece, we got closer to a spot that I typically see them, and we were hooked up for the first time in 07'.  WooHoo!  Nothing spectacular in size, but it is always great to get the first one of the year.  Dusty took a nice picture (by nice I mean that the fish looked good, not necessarily his hair, haha, sorry Dusty but I have to) and we were back at it again.  Before our stretch of water was complete, we saw another fish and then moved on.  Not too darn bad to see 3 nice fish and land one in about an hour of feeeeshin.  Since my walleye season is still going, and I had scratched the itch that I had to get me a snaggle tooth muskie, we grabbed our spinning gear and went back to the Willies. 

spr07%20014.jpgMuch to my delight, the couple day drought of loosing the battle to the changing walleye pattern and the confusing weed growth on the lake, We scored on a new bite.  We caught a few really nice walleyes right before it was time to head in along with a few other fish including bass, crappies, sunnies and sheephead.  A good day to say the least, and something positive to write about.  I returned to lake this morning to make sure my new walleye pattern wasn't a fluke, and caught about a dozen walleyes as fast as I could get my fathead to the bottom.  Don't worry, I let them all go for the guys coming out in the next few days.   They are going again fellas!  WooHoo!

I have been hearing from a lot of you guys lately about your experiences, and I just want to share with everyone what some of our fellow anglers are catching.  I would love to keep sharing everyones stories and pictures, so please keep sending them my way and i'll get them on the world wide web for everyone to see.  The first picture is from Mr. Douglas himself.  He landed a nice Ski a few days back while fishing for the elusive and mighty bluegill.  Quite the shock when the drag started to scream I am sure.  Nice fish Doug!


The next awesome pic is from a true muskie man in the making named Jake Bohnsack.  We have shared several emails since I met him on the dock last spring, and from the looks of what I have been receieving, he is getting some fish in the boat.  He was up north for the muskie opener this past weekend with a fishing buddy by the name  of Paul Schlagel.  So I just want to give a shout out to them, especially Jake for his new personal best at 46.5 and also landing a 43.  Nice work!  Keep the pics and stories coming fellas.  I love reading and seeing them, and so does the rest of the world.  until next time, Keep on livin the Dream!43_and_46_5_muskie_015.jpg