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Travis Frank


As most of you can tell from the pictures that keep coming up on this site, I am a fishing NUT.  But, when I am not on the water, I love any kind of hunting I can get my hands on.  Lately Mike and myself have been videotaping our bowhunts for the "whitetail buck deers" that have been running around our hunting spots.  Although we haven't hunted very much this year, this was my second time with a bow in my hands, and not behind the camera.  We'll just say that things got a little interesting as darkness came upon us.  Actually, the whole evening was full of activity. 

When I was crawling up into the stand, Mike was watching two does battle each other out in the bean field.  They were doing the stand on the back legs and kick at each other thing that you can sometimes see if you go to a local bar on a friday or saturday evening....hahaha...otherwise known as a catfight.  Pretty cool to see deer doing it, pathetic to see girls doing it.  About 5 minutes into the stand we had two bucks come out into the same field.  Something must have been in the air, because they too started sparring with each other.  Very cool, AND we got it on film.  A little while later we saw another buck, and then another buck came out into the CRP next to us, followed by two does.  The does came as expected, right into our corn field, and we had camera issues, and bad shooting angles, so we let them walk. 

As this just happened, darkness was getting close to falling, and we could see what didn't appear to be a deer standing about 100 yards away.  After some whispering back and forth, we decided it was a Yote and I gave a few squeaks from my mouth.  Instantly heads started popping up out of the CRP and we new we were in for some trouble.  That's right, A whole pack of the darn things came at a full sprint at us.  It was sooooooo intense, but as they came into our cornfield, it became hard to pick the shot.  They were running everywhere.  This guy in the picture stopped perfectly, and it found out what happens when a four-blade broadhead doesn't like it chasing the deer around.  Just like on the movies, I drilled it and it made the most ear-piercing growles and barks I have ever heard.  This one was hit, but the action didn't stop there.  There were so many coyotes running around that I knocked another arrow.  After a few squeaks, they all came right back in.  Being very dark, I knew that I was shooting if I could, and shot number 2 sparked on a rock just under the coyote.  As I was grabbing for my last arrow (#3) Mike stopped another one in the shooting lane, I knocked it and got off one more shot before it left the field.  Same result, "Whack" of the arrow on the hit, and more growling and barking, it was hit also.  At that point, We were feeling like we had just shot a 200 class buck.  We had only seen such a thing on the movies, but couldn't believe what had just happened.  The most intense hunt of my life "I Swear."  We had dogs running everywhere, but figured there to be 7 or 8 of them within 30 yards of us at one time.  Unfortunately we only found one of them, but I think they will think twice about chasing the deer and pheasants in that area again, at least I hope.  I have hunted for many years and never seen such a wild pack of beasts on the hunt, it was almost scary.  It is starting to make sense why the deer have been acting as goofy as they had been on the previous hunts.  It is very apparent now.....I have COYOTE PROBLEMS!

We did capture some sweet video of the deer, but the light just wasn't enough to film the remarkable pack that came in.  What a night.  8 deer, 4 of them bucks, and a whole pack of raging beasts! 

Yesterdays Muskie trip was postponed due to the heavy morning rain, but there are more coming soon.  Check back to see what we are up to in the next few days.  Man I love this time of the year! Ducks, Deer, Geese, Coyotes I guess, and best of all.....HUGE MUSKIES!