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What A Duck Day

Travis Frank


RiverDucks%20013.jpgThis past Saturday, Nate, Mike and myself spent a few hours sharing the best duck hunt I've had in Minnesota in recent years.  Our approach was different than most hunts, and we went to the birds, instead of waiting for them to come to us.  It was awesome!  We went stealth mode on the birds in Mike's canoe and snuck up on hundreds of unknowing birds.  We bagged our limit on this trip, which included our 6 woodies, one mallard and 11 teal.  It wasn't that we shot our possession limit, but that we did it in such a fun way that made the day great.  I also accomplished my goal of getting a perfect drake Woodie to place on a piece of driftwood.  The only problem, is that I have to pick which one I think is best.  No duck, (other than Mikes Mandarin duck) looks better on driftwood than a drake Woodie, so I'm super pumped to add one of these birds to my wall of trophies.  This was a hunt that I won't soon forget.  Everything about it including the weather was gorgeous.  Now I have to look outside at this darn rain that we are suppose to get for the next several days.  Looks like I'll be fishing/hunting in the rain for a while.  I'll keep ya posted how things turn out.


On a side note:  I have been doing some bow hunting lately and the deer activity has been incredible.  The past couple weeks worth of hunts, I have seen between 10 and 24 deer on each outing.  Along with all the does, I have also seen a great amount of big buck movement which I find as being pretty rare.  I have now seen 6 different bucks that I would classify as wall hangers and I have been seeing them with regularity.  I don't know if it is the weather, but they are on the move.  Last night I had 3 different bucks chasing the ladies around in the fields, and came close to flinging an arrow at two of the giants.  Pretty intense, and most of it has been on camera.

I have been hunting quite often lately, but the muskies are still on my mind.  We'll see how this week lays out for the ol' snaggle tooths.